Monday, September 10, 2012

3, 2, 1....Say Cheese! Photo Contest Results

Thank you all for sending me pictures from your travel experiences - it was tough to determine best pictures for each category and of course, the best picture overall and our prize winner.  Anyway, enough talking, let's get on to those photos!

Best Candid Shot
Submitted by: Nikki Belmonte
Description: A "baba" selling peppers in a market in Macedonia. You don't usually see the babas smiling like this, they usual look like they're really angry with you!

Best Miscellaneous Shot
Submitted by: Anonymous
Description: Dusk Steeple

Best Picture of Culture
Submitted by: Jennifer Ehalt
Description: Coachella 2012

Best Picture of Architecture/Lines
Submitted by: Peter Terry
Description: "The Rocks" at Provincial Park in New Brunswick near the Bay of Fundy.

Overall Best Picture
Submitted by: Holly K Austin - blog author of Woodswoman Extraordinaire
Description: Simon the Basset Hound loving some Dad time in a hammock on a trip
to the St. Regis Canoe Area within the Adirondacks.

Holly is the lucky and talented winner of the contest and
will receive a passport cover from the generous Rachel at LolaJeans!

Until next time, travel on...

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